Getting new tools

My agent at Connor Management recently reviewed my Spotlight profile and advised me on what could be improved to help my career. So I have now gotten some new and better headshots that are a true likeness. They're better and make me look more professional than my previous - although I can't complain about the… Continue reading Getting new tools

Ponders End at the Here Film Festival

A couple of weeks ago, I worked on Ponders End, a short film directed by Kieron Clark and commissioned for the Here Film festival. It is a lovely and haunting  slice of suburban life. I will say no more that that! It will premier at 7.45 on Wednesday 15th April in the theatre room of The Fox… Continue reading Ponders End at the Here Film Festival

New agents

I realise I have a lot of catching up to do - it's been a year since I posted! - but I will be quick as I have now planned to post once a month. Hopefully, I will have the discipline to stick to it; I do think I will though, as I have been… Continue reading New agents

The Girl with Two Masks

Last year in December, I was given the great opportunity of a lead role in a horror movie. I must say I'm a bit of a fan of the genre, so I really was delighted! The director - Sam Casserly - is a friend of a friend - Nick Hayles - whom I used to… Continue reading The Girl with Two Masks

Screening of “M is for Meditation”

I mentioned in my previous article that I was filming a short film for the competition ABC's of Death. We were screening this very short film - "M is for Meditation", directed by Lawrence Axe - tonight at The Alibi in Dalston. It's a really cool place, and it was very nice to see our… Continue reading Screening of “M is for Meditation”

ABCs of Death competition

I didn't mention this in an article since I've been frozen out of the beloved internet since moving to a new place (I'm having baaaad withdrawal symptoms!!), but I Tweeted about it. Just recently, I was filming a short thriller film, and here is the link to it: M is for Meditation Now, I don't… Continue reading ABCs of Death competition

New beginnings

Let's ignore the little backlog (1or 2 posts, not a lot really...) because I want to talk about an exciting meeting I had today! But first, we need a bit of context. My friend Louise McConnell and I had been toying with the idea of setting up a theatre company for a while. And although… Continue reading New beginnings

Busy busy!

Once again, my last update was a while ago - bad Rachel! *slap wrist*  - but this time it is for a good reason: I have been very busy lately. But I have finally downloaded the WordPress app on my tablet, so I will be able to update more frequently since I won't need to… Continue reading Busy busy!

Playing a badass

Recently, my agent and I discussed strategies to further my career, and amongst others, the subject of defining my image, my "brand", came up. And because it is a difficult task to do when it comes to yourself, I took to Facebook, and asked friends and colleagues to tell me what they thought. I had… Continue reading Playing a badass

Enjoying an audition

I had an audition yesterday where I had a lot of fun! It wasn't always like that. I've learnt to relax, and enjoy the process. A little while back, I would get immensely worked up before an audition, as if my life depended on its outcome! Eventually, I realised that it was just another occasion… Continue reading Enjoying an audition