So you read the “About” page and want to know a bit more about Rachel? Well, read on.

Born in France to a French father and a Cameroonian mother, Rachel realised very early on that she was not like the other kids. She did not look like them – one of the only 4 brown kids in her village, with hair that wasn’t straight and silky, but higly textured, like tiny coils, and woolly. She wanted to fit in, be like the others, but the difference was all too obvious, and she faced some rejection.

Books became her best friends – they provided an escape from the feelings of ill-fitting and quenched the young girl’s curiosity. They made her imagination grow wide and wild. They allowed her to embrace her difference. But most of all, they motivated her to create her own stories. She started narrating those to her friends, acting them out, during lunch break at school, and soon enough, they were asking for more. And Rachel was loving it! Which made her realise there was something there. When she went on stage for the first time aged 8 to act in a couple of plays she co-wrote, everything clicked into place. This was what she wanted to do when she grew up.
Rachel still reads a lot, and she writes stories. She has written/co-written screenplays for 2 of the short movies she starred in and is very likely to write some more.

Part of Rachel’s determination and hunger for success derives from these childhood experiences; she wishes to be the role model she never had as a child, for a still under-represented category of people in the cinema and theatre industry. She wants for little girls to see that someone like them can be just as successful as (if not more than) anybody else.
So succeeding within her industry of choice is not only her dream but contains within itself the potential to inspire others.

Rachel has always loved the English language. As a child, she dreamt of being able to speak it fluently.
One summer, after completing Drama school, she temporarily relocated to England to learn. She fell in love with vibrant London, and after finishing her screen acting training in Canada, she decided to move there permanently.
Rachel has now been living in London since 2008, and although time and practice has eroded it, she still conserves minute traces of her sultry French accent.

Rachel would love to someday work with directors Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino, and actors Jean Reno and Tracy Thoms.

Rachel loves cats, reading, waching movies, practising yoga and working out, DIY, baking, making spreadsheets and chilling out with her close friends.

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