From Celles sur Belle, a small village in France, Rachel has always had a passion for storytelling. She has written lots of short-stories, some short films, plays and even an unpublished novel when she was a teenager.
But she realised acting was her calling when she co-wrote and starred in her very own first play, aged 8. She has never stopped acting since. In front of friends in the playgound, in school plays, in a teenage theatre company and later at the “Conservatoire” (French Drama school) in Poitiers, France – Rachel seized every opportunity to do what she loves.
Never one to stay in her comfort zone, she also trained at E.C.T.Q, a cinema school in Quebec, Canada, at the London Academy of Media, Films & TV with Milfid Ellis (Shadow of the Vampire, A Zed & Two Noughts) and Brian Deacon (A Zed & Two Noughts, Emmerdale) and she took a screen acting course with Knights of Drama.
She was also in 2011, a member of the Bubble & Squeak Collective founded and run by Paul McNeilly (Outlaw, Holby City, Friday Night Dinner).

She has several plays and short films credits. She wrote/co-wrote some of the plays and short films she starred in.

Always curious, she studied physics, chemistry and biology. Then pushed by a thirst for knowledge of the human condition, she studied psychology whilst at Drama school. She worked several jobs (bar, coffe shops, hospitality, office, etc.) to experience and be inspired by “real life” before fully going into acting.

She is represented by RSVP Artists and TypeCast Artists.