TIE play “Lumières, Caméras, L’Action” and Television 

The French TIE play “Lumières, Caméras, L’Action” finished touring a few weeks ago and I wish it could have gone on for more than 2 weeks. It was so much fun! We had a big French flag as backdrop and each of us three actors played several roles around our main roles. The story was that of a renowned French movie director who decides to remake King Kong with his team, only to see everything go wrong. I played the (male) director as my main role and the other actors played the long-suffering team who tries very hard to help despite the obstacles and the director’s bad temper.

The kids were so receptive and being on “stage” again was an amazing feeling. It never fails to remind me why I fell in love with such a ludicrously unstable profession in the first place!

I do hope I will have the pleasure to work again with Dreampark – the company that produced the play – and with Emma and Duncan, the 2 actors who went along for the ride.

I have been keeping busy since, doing a few stints here and there on various sets as a Supporting Artist (SA, or extra) and I just finished 3 back to back days on the set of a comedy series which will air on national television next year. I had a little featured role and even had a couple of lines! And just today, my agent called me to announce I had booked a small role with 3 lines on a TV show! That’s 2 television credits in a row, which is brilliant and made me scream a little after I got off the phone with my agent.

Things are going well!


Duncan, Emma and I, at a school with our set.