Writing, my first love

A few months ago, I started writing again. 

I have had this idea for an epic, female-led science fiction story for quite some time now. I have been playing with the core idea in my head for over a year, brainstorming ideas with my best friend, and now, I have finally put pen to paper. 

Or in this case, fingers to keyboard. I am quite old-fashioned when it comes to writing, and when I first set out to write the story, I dug out a notebook and started writing with a pencil. But then I reluctantly had to give in and write digitally. As much as I love the feel of paper on my skin, the intimacy of tracing the words by hand, it just was not practical. Thanks to modern technology, I can pretty much literally write anywhere, so long as I have my phone with me. And I always have my phone with me; blame it on being a millennial I guess. Although, do I qualify for this term? I am thirty, going on thirty one after all… But I digress.

As I said, I always have my phone with me, and thanks to Google docs, I can write anywhere, on my phone, or on a computer. Since it is a sci-fi story, it would have been rather silly not to use the modern technology at my disposal in the process of birthing it, especially given how much technology will feature in it. I am now a convert, and I think I will mostly write stories this way.

Writing this novel is a challenge in more ways than one, since I decided to write in English. It was a bit intimidating at first, as it not my native language, but it quickly became exciting, as I have had to expand my vocabulary to avoid repeating the same words too often. I am always thrilled when I have opportunities to enrich my lexicon, as the more words I know, the better I can express myself, my feelings and my interior life. 

As I am currently rehearsing for a play, I have taken a hiatus from writing, so I can learn my lines. I look forward to getting back to the novel though!