“CURTAINS” feature film and play rehearsals

I have been rather busy lately, which is good, although I do miss lazily binge-watching Netflix shows!

I have just finished working on “Curtains”, a Cameroonian drama about honesty and what happens when you keep secrets from your loved ones. I played the role of “Catherine”, one of the lead roles and best friends of the main character “Melanie”. It was a great experience, the first feature film of producer Dorothy Diamond, directed by Ugonnaya Nwachukwu. Despite being a low budget production, the cast and crew were professional, and I really enjoyed working with them. The film is now in post-production and I am really looking forward to seeing the final product.

I know some actors do not like seeing themselves on screen, but I do! My narcissistic side, I guess…

I have now started rehearsing for a TIE (Theatre in Education) tour in my mother tongue (that’s French, for those of you who didn’t know), and I am having a blast. I do not know how the tour will be, since we will be playing in schools and some student will probably have no clue what we are saying, but the rehearsals are a lot of fun! The other actors and the stage director are great, and the play genuinely made me laugh out loud when I first read it so it’s a delight to play.

We have 3 rehearsals left, and then we’ll be on the road! Can’t wait!