The Girl with Two Masks – Director’s comment (Let’s catch up 5)

Screen grab - The Girl with Two Masks


I had a text chat with Sam (Casserly) about The Girl with Two Masks, just keeping up with the film’s post production progress, and he made a great comment about my performance so I asked him if I could quote him.

He did better than let me quote his text, he sent me a long email to use as a quote and here it is below. There are some spoilers but I’ve put a warning just before the passage – I don’t know when the film will be available for a wider audience as it is only starting the festival circuit, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for the potential viewers among you readers! šŸ™‚

Without Rachel playing the lead role of Dexi in my debut horror feature, The Girl With Two Masks, the film would have never have received such a glowing review from a former Ā Fangoria reviewer. Rachel is always singled out for praise by everyone who has seen our film. She provided such dexterity and range in her performance in the most difficult role I have ever asked any actor to perform in.



She was asked to create a hugely relatable loner that you cared for that slowly developed to a psychotic vengeful murderer. One moment she is asked to perform a 5 minute uninterrupted monologue that goes through 3 different conflicting emotions, then I get her to physically torture the person who wronged her.


Rachel is professional, asks the right questions, improves the performance of the actors around her, and helped me give better directions. Rachel clearly loves acting and I knew from the moment I saw her perform, she has been perfecting her craft for many years. Rachel will do well in this highly competitive environment and I hope she remembers little old me when she enevitably (sic) makes it. No bullshit!