The Girl with Two Mask – Great Review (Let’s catch up 4)

Click on the image to read the review
Click on the image to read the review

MJ Simpson – the co-founder of SFX magazine who has written for Fangoria, Video Watchdog, Shivers and more – has reviewed The Girl with Two Masks. And it is a great review; I was elated when I read it!

The film has been sent to many festivals in the UK and abroad, but this is already giving us all who worked on it an amazingly encouraging feedback!

The line the made my heart beat faster is this one: “Though Dexi comes across as a solid, practical woman, Laboucarie’s deceptively subtle performance gives us clues that all is not well or right here.” Being praised for doing something I love doing and put my heart into is such an amazing and a reminder that no matter how tough it gets, it is worth keeping it up.

I was also thrilled for Sam Casserly, as the review is a reflection of his great script-writing, directing and editing skills; the closing sentence being also really encouraging for him: “It bodes well for future films from Sam Casserly.”

I am very thankful to Nick (Hayles) for recommending me for the role!