Romeo and Juliet in Brixton (Let’s catch up 3)

Romeo & Juliet by Synomatic Productions at Arch 555 Valentia place, Brixton
Romeo & Juliet by Synomatic Productions at Arch 555 Valentia place, Brixton

I got the great pleasure of playing the Nurse in this modern version of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet, produced by Synomatic Productions.

It was really a magical experience, as it was site specific and our location was in between the arches of the Railway brigdes in Brixton.

The audience was following us around as we seamlessly transitioned between inside and outside, to the rythm of the scenes and acts.

The whole cast was talented and it was a pleasure working with them and, Anna and Claudia of Synomatic Productions. These two have such a passion for Shakespeare, and under their direction and guidance, I discovered what Shakespeare is really about – plays for the regular people. Loads of innuendos were lost me before, but playing the role of the Nurse and understanding the jokes of Mercutio finally allowed me to see the comedy in this play – a great balancing act with the drama that unfolds.

Devauna McFarlene, a friend who was in a play with me a few years ago – Riot Actually by 5-0-Fresh at Theatre 503, was also in the play as Benvolio. It was great to share the “scene” with him again!

A friend from my day-job who is a photographer came to one of the performance and took some photos as part of a project of his, so that gave us the opportunity to save some memories.

Sadly, some issues occurred with the venue, and we were only able to do half of the shows. Despite the regrets, we had a lot of fun together, and the audience fully enjoyed it, as many came to tell us at the end of the shows. So mission accomplished! 🙂

Romeo and Juliet in the media:

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