Screening of “M is for Meditation”

I mentioned in my previous article that I was filming a short film for the competition ABC’s of Death.
We were screening this very short film – “M is for Meditation”, directed by Lawrence Axe – tonight at The Alibi in Dalston.
It’s a really cool place, and it was very nice to see our short film on a big screen and with an audience.
I had this welling pride inside, but at the same time, I was glad to keep it a secret to myself that I – the lead actress – was here in the room (well, at the same time, I was gonna shout “Hey it’s me on the screen!”)

Robbie Gibbon – who played one of the prisoners in “M…” – was also screening a sort movie. His short movie, “The Chef”, was shown after “M…” and was a great horror movie. And it was lovely to see that the audience shared my opinion. 🙂

It was a lovely evening, but now it is time to say “Goodnight London” and go to bed.