Playing a badass

Recently, my agent and I discussed strategies to further my career, and amongst others, the subject of defining my image, my “brand”, came up. And because it is a difficult task to do when it comes to yourself, I took to Facebook, and asked friends and colleagues to tell me what they thought. I had an idea in mind – the type of roles I grew up wanting to play – but I didn’t want to influence anyone, and I was ready to accept whatever answer came my way, as this will be my selling point, and I need to embrace it.

It turns out that the consensus over the issue matches my own idea! Tough, strong women, badasses, and even roles typically given to men and adapted afterwards for a woman (Sigourney Weaver’s roles have been mentioned twice! Yay!)

It’s no secret for people close to me that I am a feminist, and I support equal opportunities for men and women (it’s about merit, not gender) and I am glad to see it true in my own life.
Because I had a screen test today for a low-budget feature film with a director I worked with in the past and respect highly. It was for either the lead female role or for (without getting into too much details to avoid spilling the beans) a henchman chasing her – yes, a henchMAN.
The director liked what I did for the lead but apparently he loved what I did for this role as that’s the one he offered me on the spot. 🙂 He will now adapt the role to me, and even wants me to improvise and use my native language for bits of the role.
We start shooting next week. Isn’t that exciting!

A few answers to my question: “what roles could you see me typecast as?”

“Badass woman who kicks everyone’s ass. Seriously.”

“femme fatale.”

“A black Lara Croft… Def seeing you as a strong woman in an action/sci-fi/horror movie.”

“You’d be excellent in law enforcement but also the diplomatic corps. Basically, a female Bond without the immature man shit.”

“you are my next sigourney weaver.”

“you would be great in strong lead roles that would normally perhaps be male, or female roles which have a strong masculine side – I think you are naturally very beautiful and can easily dress down and still look great on camera. An obvious reference might be Sigourney Weaver in ‘Alien’ or Anne Parillaud in ‘Nikita’, but more subtly perhaps [Hilary] Swank in both ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Insomnia’, and more light heartedly Rachel McAdams in ‘Morning Glory’ – albeit a rom com she’s a female lead who clearly has the upper hand over all the males.”