Enjoying an audition

I had an audition yesterday where I had a lot of fun! It wasn’t always like that. I’ve learnt to relax, and enjoy the process. A little while back, I would get immensely worked up before an audition, as if my life depended on its outcome!
Eventually, I realised that it was just another occasion to act. And I love acting! So why the stress? The world won’t end if I don’t get the part. So I could just chill and enjoy the ride.
The people in the audition room are there to pick the person who’s best suited for a certain role, but surely they want to see someone who enjoys what they do.
And I believe this is the secret for a great audition (along with doing your research ahead, of course!) It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll book the job every time. But you’ll have a good time, you’ll feel confident and that will leave an impression. A good one! And you’ll walk out happy no matter what, because you just had an opportunity to do the thing you love. 🙂