Letting go of doubts

I had an audition for a well paid corporate film yesterday, so let’s cross our fingers 🙂
Also, I might have a role in a low budget feature film; someone I worked with in the past really liked my work and is keen on working with me again. And it’s the lead role he has in mind for me! I’m midway through the screenplay, and it’s a damn good one!

He had emailed me the scenes I had been in for his mockumentary, and reiterated how much he had enjoyed working with me. And then, out of the blue, he mentioned 2 other projects he was working on, and told me he would send me the treatment of one of them just for me to read. He then called the next day to say he had me in mind for the lead role!
Which shows that as soon as you let go of those fleeting depressing thoughts about your career (like I sometimes get; hey, I’m no rock!), and start thinking and behaving positively, good things happen!

I’m really chuffed and pumped up now!