TIE tour and procastination *article renamed*

This post was originally entitled “TIE tour and January blues” but never went over the stage of being a draft…  Ah, the shame! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to social media updates!! So I have decided to set myself updates days (every other week + days here and there, when I’ll have something to say), to be more disciplined. Discipline is what I need, both as a procastinator (!) and an actor.

The bilingual TIE tour took me around England and was a really enjoyable – yet sometimes tiresome – experience. We even went to Northern Ireland and I got to see (and walk on) Giant’s Causeway! We were only 2 actors – William and I – and a van.

Driving a van was a new experience. Driving on the left hand side was a new experience too! Now put the two together… I let you imagine what happened! Actually no, I’ll tell you what happened: I “slightly” dented the van… At the back and on the right hand side. Let’s say that getting used to the dimensions of a van and not having a rear-view mirror was just as hard as I imagined! But I didn’t do too bad considering we were on the road for 6 weeks!

The first day, I also slashed open William’s thumb by closing the sliding door on it *ouch!* Way to start a tour, Rach’!

It was nice to act everyday, twice a day! It was a bit less nice to have to load, unload, build and take down the set twice day… Some schools were great, some… hmm, let’s say that playing to vegetables would have been a more pleasant way to pass time. But hey, I guess it made me tougher 🙂 Spending 90% of your time with just one person you just met  was not easy everyday – even though we got along rather well. By the end, there was a bit of tension. But I kept telling myself “You’ve studied that effect in social psychology, don’t worry, it’s only normal“. So there was no volcanic eruption of dramatic rage, (you’d expect it with actors!) we simply breathed in and out, let the little tensions eased themselves out and ended the tour content.

It was a fun experience, and I’d probably do it once again 🙂