In acting time, a week is like a year.

To echo the words of my friend Louise McConnell, what a difference a week makes! Especially in the acting world.

A few weeks ago, I had no prospects for the end of the year, and now, I have booked a role in a touring play; last week I was in a play at Theatre503 (Small Hadron Collider), shot a scene for a mockumentary (“Beckmann – the King of Naturalism”) and booked a part in a medical training video for next week! That’s why the acting world is so exciting!

And I think all this came about because I changed the way I approached my acting world. I started following the advice of several people (including the great Daniel Jude Gennis, whose advice I highly value) and I started to be more humble (and that, believe me, is in a way quite an achievement for somebody as proud as I am!! lol)

So I hope – I think – the future is holding great things for me. It’s not all mapped out, but I like it this way, because it means I get to create it as I go! And isn’t that the essence of acting and storytelling?