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Extract from a review of the horror film “The Girl with Two Masks”:

“Though Dexi comes across as a solid, practical woman, Laboucarie’s deceptively subtle performance gives us clues that all is not well or right here.”
MJ Simpson, SXF magazine co-founder

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Rachel was a true pro (attentive, focused, team player and most of [all] did not chew up the scenery with over the top acting) working on my production – Beckmann – King of Naturalism! She will class up any production and we are over the moon that we got her in our film. She played an angry actress naturally and with strong conviction. I would urge anybody wanting a strong actress hire her in their film or play.
Ben Jones, Director 


Ben Jones, Director

Rachel is always singled out for praise by everyone who has seen our film. She provided such dexterity and range in her performance in the most difficult role I have ever asked any actor to perform in. […] Rachel is professional, asks the right questions, improves the performance of the actors around her, and helped me give better directions. Rachel clearly loves acting and I knew from the moment I saw her perform, she has been perfecting her craft for many years.
Sam Casserly, Director (The Girl with Two Masks)


Sam Casserly, Director

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